Indoor Walking Track

Indoor Walking Track

The Station’s indoor walking and jogging trail offers a year-round opportunity to hit the track. Whether it’s cold, snowing or raining, members can enjoy a leisure stroll or get their heart pumping with a faster paced jog or run. 

The three-lane track is 1/12 mile and has two separate alcoves where users can pause for a break, stretch or incorporate a short conditioning workout into their walk or jog.  The oval trail is flat and easier on the joints than traditional outdoor pavement or a treadmill. 

Located upstairs in The Station Recreation Center, the indoor walking trail offer scenic views of Central Park through four large windows along the outer lanes. Inner lanes overlook the gymnasium as well as the lobby, providing views of other recreational activities taking place.

Instructions are posted daily showing the direction in which users are to walk or jog. The inner lane is reserved for walking, while the middle and outer lanes are for faster traffic and passing.

Did You Know

  • 12 laps around the track = 1 mile
  • 38 laps around the track = 5k (3.2 miles)
  • 76 laps around the track = 10k (6.4 miles)
  • 157 laps around the track = half marathon (13.1 miles)
  • 314 laps around the track = marathon (26.2 miles)