Cycling Studio

Cycling Studio

Passholders can enjoy a challenging and exciting cardiovascular workout inside The Station’s new innovative cycling studio. This community-centric space offers cyclists and non-cyclists alike a climate-controlled area to hone their skills or burn calories in this high endurance, exhilarating group class.

This intimate environment is designed for classes of 17 people or smaller.

Our 60 minute class is lead by a trained and experienced instructor. Participants utilize stationary bikes that are easy on the joints to tone muscle and burn calories while working at their own pace.  

Throughout the class, Passholders can challenge themselves by varying their pace and intensity while working out to a playlist made up of upbeat, current music selected by the instructors.

The Station’s 1,000 square foot high-end spin studio fosters a fun and engaging environment that is sure to take the “work” out of any workout!

For a schedule of days and times cycle classes are available visit our class schedule’s page.