Central Park

Central Park is unlike any other park in the City of Moore. Conveniently located at the intersection of Broadway and 4th Street, Central Park is adjacent to the railroad tracks. The city’s rich history with the railroad is reflected throughout the park. From the stunning architecture and design of The Station at Central Park Recreation Center, to the train-themed playground and aquatic center, railroad elements can be seen across the 51-acre park.

The Station’s grand archways mirror the design of train station’s old and new. Look closely at the pavement in front of the recreation center and notice the striped concrete resembles railroad tracks. 

A replica locomotive, donated by Dental Depot, greets visitors to the park. The half-scale train engine is perfectly crafted to resemble a locomotive from the late-1800s when the City of Moore was settled.

The land on which the park was built has sat empty since Moore was founded approximately 150 years ago.  The city purchased the land from the family of Dr. Curtis Berry at a deeply discounted price. The family believed in the vision for the park and wanted the land to be used for such a great community purpose. Thus, the official name of the park is Dr. Curtis Berry - Central Park.

The City of Moore would like to thank its generous citizens who approved the construction of Central Park in a 2012 bond election. Your commitment to making our city a great place to live, work, and play is not only appreciated, it’s evident in every aspect of this beautiful, innovative community space!


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